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Mulino Caputo

Caputo is a family mill that started its operation in 1924. For three generations, Caputo has been synonymous with Neapolitan flour, which is the basis for long-fermentation baking.

Caputo guarantees the highest quality of its products. The flour is made from a blend of the best wheat available on the global market, which is processed by fine grinding. This helps it retain its natural starch and proteins.

Caputo flour is the secret of Neapolitan pizzerias.

Agriconserve Rega

The Rega Company, founded in 1965 by Luigi Rega, started its operations with the production and processing of tomatoes. It is located in the countryside of the Nocerino-Sarnese area, one of the most suitable areas for growing tomatoes. Over several years, this small agricultural firm grew into one of the largest and most important companies in the “red gold” processing sector.

Rega collaborates with many other farms and agricultural estates, not only in the immediate vicinity but also in other Italian regions such as Puglia and Tuscany. Here too, the cultivated tomatoes achieve premium quality.

At Rossopomodoro, we use Strianese tomatoes, known for their firm flesh and long-lasting scent after harvest, as if they were freshly picked.

The quality of Rega’s products is globally recognized as one of the best, thanks to continuous investment in the most modern machinery, professionally trained staff, and strict control procedures.

Caffé Vergnano

Premium quality coffee beans.

Caffè Vergnano, with a long and prestigious history, was founded in 1882. The business activity, which is continued by the current owners, was initiated by grandfather Domenico Vergnano.

The true mission of the Vergnano family did not take long to emerge. In just a few years, the small enterprise mastered all the secrets of roasting and selling coffee. The business flourished, leading to the opening of the first three Italian warehouses in Turin, Alba, and Chieri. However, a significant leap forward occurred in the 1930s, due to a bold decision: the purchase of a coffee plantation in Kenya.

The top-quality blends of Vergnano result from an extraordinary process, from the selection of raw materials to the actual production. Roasting is the most delicate phase in coffee processing, as the flavor concentration and bean taste depend on the precise degree of roasting. At this stage, Caffé Vergnano still processes coffee in a traditional manner. The coffee varieties are roasted separately, according to their origin, to ensure the correct level of thermal treatment. Caffè Vergnano employs a “slow roasting” method with cycles lasting from 18 to 22 minutes. Each new cycle’s roasting is personally monitored to ensure that the product retains its perfect quality over time.

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