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At Rossopomodoro, we combine the love of traditional Italian cuisine with a modern form of cooking. We love classic methods and good ingredients, which we serve in a timeless form of favorite recipes. Perfect pizza, creamy pasta, gnocchi, salads… all this we will gladly prepare for you in a restaurant that has atmosphere.

Rossopomodoro has been bringing people the delicious taste of Italy across continents for 20 years. The very first restaurant was established in 1998 in Naples, but soon others opened all over Italy. Today, you can enjoy true Neapolitan pizza or spaghetti also in Rome, Venice, Florence, Palermo, and many other, not only Italian cities.

Good Italian cuisine is based primarily on top-quality ingredients that perfectly complement each other due to the right combination. That’s why even “simple” aglio olio tastes so great – but it has to be made honestly. This is the principle we follow in our Rossopomodoro restaurant. We know well what is expected on a plate in Italy, and that’s exactly how we will serve you food here. Moreover, all our restaurants have a true Italian atmosphere – combining the hustle and bustle of an Italian square with a relaxed mood and a generously open space. In our team, you will also find Italian chefs and staff.

Come and see us, have some tasty pasta or pizza, and enjoy a pleasant time as in sunny Italy. We look forward to seeing you in Prague’s Palladium.

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